You Are Not You

On this Journey through life, the most fascinating question in the world has always been: Who am I in this universe?

Well that is easy! I am Cory Steele. 26 year old 5’4”. Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. Male. American. I am a Life Coach. I am a son, brother, uncle, grandson, great-grandson. Friend. Athlete. Empa—WAIT!!

Cory is just a name. Something that was given to me to identify me. What about 26 years ago? I wasn’t 5’4”. I certainly wasn’t a life coach. Or brother, son, or anything else. These are all just words to describe my personality!

At what point can I say something that is truly who I am?!

Is it this body? Am I what I see when I look in the mirror? My hair and eyes? My skin? What are these made of? Well my body is made up of cells. Blood cells, nerve cells, all kinds of cells. Which one am I?

Hold on there is something that makes up all the rest. I must be the molecules that are the building blocks of all things in this material world. I am molecules? What makes up these? I am thinking too much.

That’s it, I am my mind! I am thinking. Oh my goodness, so many thoughts! Which one am I? You are Cory! You are hungry! Look at that puppy! She is pretty! We are going to be late! That person is chewing really loudly! Did I remember to sign that check? I need to take a vacation! I hope I can become something someday! AHHHHHH! This chatter is so loud, I will never find who am I!

 I am lost! I am so lost!…..I am lost? Who is? I am! I…am I…                                  

 I AM!!!!!            

No, I am not lost. I am the one who is aware of the voice that says it is lost, but not the one who is lost. The one who is watching the judgments about the person chewing, but not the judger. The one who notices the need take a vacation, but not the one who needs one.

I am the awareness that notices all of the things that make up this body, but not the body itself. I recognize that there are roles that I play. I am not those roles. These are only temporary.

My fascination with the question Who am I in this Universe has lead me to the most beautiful of answer: I AM

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