It can be hard in today’s modern world to find one’s place in all this. Depression and Anxiety are at an all time high, and people are asking themselves, “who am I?” People can’t find answers so, they try and escape life through many different outlets: sex, food, drugs, television, or anything else that people can use to numb the feelings. Here is the thing though. You were not meant to try and escape life. It requires your active participation.

Your Power

You can try and leave life, you really can. The ultimate form of leaving this experience is suicide, but the world wouldn’t be better off for it. It would be worse because the ripples that would go out would be uncountable. This experience we call life is beautiful, and everyone is fundamental. It may not seem like it, but you are a miracle! Think of everything in the universe that had to come together to make this moment happen. The mind cannot comprehend all that has taken place, but so much had to happen in the universe to create this moment with you. Here. Reading this. You are a unique piece of the universe that is dying to express itself in the way that it came here to do so. We are all connected in a very beautiful and divine way.

“What we do now echoes into eternity” – Marcus Aurelius

You create the experience in your life, but it is not separate from anything else in existence. Just close your eyes and imagine you walk into a store, and someone is behind you. You hold the door open for them, and they become filled with gratitude. You might not consciously see or know what will happen, but the force you have created will echo on. This person is filled with this force you have created and it keeps flowing. He buys food for a homeless person. The cashier is so full of love by this act of kindness so, when she gets home she calls up her parents to express her gratitude for them. Your participation as a creator has an affect that transcend space and time. You cannot see all the things that will happen from your actions, but that does not mean that they are any less important.

You are an amazing and fundamental piece in this orchestra of life!


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